Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Guests & Clean Decks!

Two usual staples of our summers, guests and decks, haven't been a part of our household yet this year - but we're getting closer! With a nice covering of moss and dirt leftover from our wet spring, we have been totally avoiding our outside areas, but now that the hot weather's finally here someone promised to clean them up. Last weekend the Pressure Washer came home, and after a few hours and a bit of muddy water, it looks like we have a brand-new brick patio. All we need to do now is send out the Evite, kick back with a few cool drinks and enjoy! Here are some practical tips for anyone hosting an outdoor party this summer, or who just wants a brand-new (looking) patio.

A Pressure Washing project is easy to do yourself, just follow these simple steps:

1. Prep your area, remembering to close your doors and windows!

Cleaning up extra leaves, debris and dirt will make the job much easier, and certainly cleaner. Go over your surfaces with a good broom before adding water. And again, close your windows! You'd be surprised how far (high) pressurized water can unintentionally travel.

2. Choose your pressure properly

There are lots of different pressure washers out there, from tiny electric models to professional super-high pressure gas ones. For moss and mildew you'll want something in between and with enough power to do serious cleaning. Look for models that say 2400 to 3000 psi which are usually gas-powered.

3. Don the proper attire

Short and sweet - wear clothes and shoes you don't mind getting a little mud on and don't mind the splatter! Have fun with it! Also consider wearing goggles and earplugs...

4. Be consistent and give yourself enough time

Trust me on this one - the results look so great, once you start you might decide to do the whole exterior so leave enough time to clean more than you think you're going to. Also, there is a technique to get an even-looking result. Use a non-agressive high pressure tip to keep from creating new "stripes" on your surfaces and work methodically from corner to corner to ensure you cover every inch.

P.S. : I also know that everyone out there will use common sense and be safe, but just in case keep these thoughts in mind:

Never point the pressurized water gun at anyone.

... and ...

It's not recommended to use the Pressure Washer while on a ladder, I'm sure you can imagine why!

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